WATCH Washington's Only Asian TV Channel

AAT Television is the only 24-hour Asian TV Broadcaster in Washington State and Seattle's DMA. Offering prime Asian programming in Mandarin, Cantonese and Vietnamese. AAT TV can be viewed on DTV CH: 44.3 and Comcast Cable CH: 350 as a digital broadcaster. Please select a link below for more information.



AAT TV broadcasts same day news from respected news organizations: ETTV News (Taiwan), ATV News (Hong Kong) and CCTV-4 News (China).







Diamond Club Big Brother
AAT Talk Show
Sunday at 9:30pm
週日 晚上九點三十分
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You Are the One
Sunday at 8:00pm
星期日 晚上8點

全民字多星 Genius Go Go
Super Star
Wednesday at 10:10pm
星期三 晚上十點十分
Super Night Club
Monday at 10:10pm
星期一 晚上十點十分
Super Good Voice
Saturday at 8:00pm / Sunday at 12:00am
星期六 晚上八點, 星期日 午夜
Golden 100 Second
Thursday at 10:10pm
星期四 晚上十點十分

CTS News Magazine TW Experience
I Walker
Monday at 9am
星期一 上午九點
Now We Know
Saturday at 10am
星期六 上午十點

Unique Discovery
Fortune Code
Beautiful Formosa
Thursday at 9am
星期四 上午九點
Fortune Code
Saturday at 9am
週六 上午九點

文人政事 Taiwan Holiday
Art Talk Show
Sunday at 9am
Taiwan Holiday
Tuesday at 9am, Sunday at 11am
星期二 上午九點, 週日 上午十一點
Eyes of Times
Borderless World
Sunday at 10am
The Generation Show
Tuesday at 10:10pm
星期二 晚上十點十分

Studio Classroom TW Experience
Studio Classroom
Everyday at 6am or Mon-Fri 4pm, Sat at 5pm
每日早上6點或星期一至五下午4點, 星期六下午5點
Wednesday at 9:00am
星期三 上午九點