WATCH Washington's Only Asian TV Channel

AAT Television is the only 24-hour Asian TV Broadcaster in Washington State and Seattle's DMA. Offering prime Asian programming in Mandarin, Cantonese and Vietnamese. AAT TV can be viewed on DTV CH: 44.3 and Comcast Cable CH: 350 as a digital broadcaster. Please select a link below for more information.



AAT TV broadcasts same day news from respected news organizations: ETTV News (Taiwan) and CCTV-4 News (China).







Diamond Club Big Brother
AAT Talk Show
Sunday at 9:30pm
週日 晚上九點三十分
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You Are the One
Sunday at 8:00pm
星期日 晚上8點

Happiness Bill
Tuesday at 10:10pm
星期二 晚上十點十分
Celebrity Chef
Wednesday at 10:10pm
星期三 晚上十點十分
We Are In Love
Saturday at 8:00pm / Sunday at 12:00am
星期六 晚上八點, 星期日 午夜
Super Star
Thursday at 10:10pm
星期四 晚上十點十分

I Love the Applause
Mondary at 10:10am
星期一 晚上十點十分
Inside Travel
Tuesday at 9:00am
星期二 上午九點
Win the World
Monday at 9:00am
星期一 上午九點
Taiwan Outlook
Wednesday at 9:00am

Art Talk Show
Sunday at 9am
Food and Healthy
Saturday at 1:00pm
星期六 下午一點
Fortune Code
Sunday at 10am
Road to Happiness
Friday at 10:10pm
星期五 晚上十點十分

Studio Classroom
Studio Classroom
Everyday at 6am or Mon-Fri 4pm, Sat at 5pm
每日早上6點或星期一至五下午4點, 星期六下午5點
Weekly News Review of Taiwan
Thursday at 9:00am
星期四 上午九點